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Power Factor Correction for Balanced and Imbalanced Loads

Today, unbalanced loads are increasingly common in businesses and specially in commercial buildings. RVT2 enables the compensation of both single phase loads (phase-phase or phase-neutral) and three phase balanced/unbalanced loads. RVT2 is capable of compensation to each phase individually or compensation to three phases . Another distinct feature of RVT2 is individual phase measurements and energy calculations.

Electrical measurements

−− Active power (kW) – 3 phase/1 phase
−− Apparent power (kVA) – 3 phase/1 phase
−− Reactive power (kW) – 3 phase/1 phase
−− Reactive power (kvar) to reach the target cos ϕ – 3 phase/1 phase
−− Voltage (V) – 3 phase/1 phase
−− Current (A) – 3 phase/1 phase
−− Cos ϕ – 3 phase / 1 phase
−− Total harmonic distortion on current and voltage: THD V/I (%)
−− Current / voltage harmonics: H2 to H49

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